Dr. Russell Morrell

Dr. Russell Morrell graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1990, where he received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Prior to this, he attended Southern Utah University, where he received his undergraduate training in chemistry and biology.

Dr. Morrell has over 25 years of experience and extensive training in general and cosmetic dentistry. His commitment to providing quality patient care has driven him to complete higher education training courses beyond state licensure requirements. He loves the diversity of learning and working in all areas of the dental field, and practices the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, implants, no drill fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures & laser technology.

Our office is mercury-free, using composite fillings and shades to complement the tooth’s natural color and structure, giving superior function and appearance. He is diligent in following advanced research and development in leading edge techniques and equipment while implementing their use, skill and precision.

In June 2014, Dr. Morrell was given the prestigious award: Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, which you receive by completing over 500 hours of advanced education and a competency exam. He is also a member of the American Dental Association, Alaska Dental Society, Anchorage Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry. In October 2018, Dr. Morrell completed a continuing education course on bone grafting for dental implants at WhiteCap Institute.

A Utah native, Dr. Morrell grew up as a Boy Scout, sports fan and drumming enthusiast. Living in Alaska since 2001, he has enjoyed fishing and rafting as well. Alaska is the perfect place for an avid outdoorsman like Dr. Morrell, and often he can be seen skiing, hiking and exploring with his family.


Dr. Kendall Skinner

Dr. Kendall Skinner graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 2004, but it was even before that that he came to see himself as an Alaskan, having served an externship for the Indian Health Service in Bethel.

As a dentist, he is constantly looking to take on some of the biggest challenges in dentistry, focusing on advanced surgical training. He has been certified in the placement of All-on-4 implant dentures. He has been trained in performing one of the most complicated bone graft procedures, the sinus lift. And he has both training and experience in handling challenging wisdom tooth extractions.

And Dr. Kendall has never neglected the comfort of his patients, learning IV sedation procedures to help people with the highest levels of anxiety and those undergoing the most complex dental procedures. And he learned extensively about providing patients with the best experience at the Pankey Institute.

But it’s not just dentistry where Dr. Kendall is eager to take on a challenge. He lived in Kyushu Japan for two years and speaks conversational Japanese. He is a competitive weightlifter, and basketball player.

In his spare time, Dr. Kendall enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his wife, daughter, and three sons. They love activities like hunting, fishing, camping, or just playing in the snow. And he also enjoys spectator sports like football and basketball, though he never takes the easy road of cheering for the favorites.