Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Without a question, dental technology has played an important role in the rise of comfort-driven dentistry. Many patients, regardless of age, fear coming to the dentist. Patients, both children, and adults can now benefit from a significantly more effective, less invasive approach to receiving dental diagnosis and treatment, without the use of old-fashioned equipment that was all too often associated with pain and anguish.

Tools like 3D x-rays, computer-controlled anesthesia, digital imaging, and even Intraoral cameras have all contributed to a higher degree of precision, quality, and result at Denali Dental Care. 

Importance of Dental Technology

Modern equipment aids in the delivery of higher-quality dental care as well as more accurate diagnostics, impressions, scans, and prosthetics. Patients spend less time in the dental office and recover faster since new solutions are more comfortable and less invasive than traditional treatments.

Types of Dental Technology Used at Denali Dental Care

  • Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays produce far less radiation than traditional X-rays. This reduces the hazards linked with radiation. A digital X-ray is taken and displayed on a screen in the dentist's office seconds later, providing for speedier service and greater transparency.

  • Intra-Oral Camera 

One of the most common dental patient complaints is having to sit in the dentist's chair with their mouths open uncomfortably wide. This discomfort will be eliminated with the use of advanced technologies such as an intra-oral camera. It enables the dentist to examine the inside of the patient's mouth using a dental mirror equipped with a camera. Without causing the patient any distress, the dentist can view the images captured by the camera on a screen outside of the patient's mouth.

  • E4D Dentist

The E4d Dentist is one of the most advanced technological methods that our office uses. It not only creates what we need, like veneers and crowns, but it also allows us to make what we need on time. We don't like to keep our patients waiting, and the E4D Dentist allows us to complete the work swiftly and effectively.

  • 3D Panoramic X-Rays

To evaluate your teeth and supporting structures, our dentists may employ panoramic X-rays or three-dimensional (3-D) photographs. We can see your complete jaw with panoramic imaging, which helps us plan implant placements and other operations to maintain and improve your oral health.

At Denali Dental Care, our dentists and team employ cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with the best possible care. To make an appointment, phone (907) 274-7691 or go to 625 E. 34th Ave. #200 in Anchorage, AK.

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