With the ending of 2018, we all get another opportunity to correct last year’s mistakes and begin taking the steps to creating a life you’re proud of. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you’ve spent too much time on social media or too much money on convenience — Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub — and it’s time to save on both. Regardless of your resolutions, we all should try to be happier. 2018 was a tough year, so here’s to making the future better, and one of the best ways to do this could be simply smiling more. According to a few studies, just the act could trick your brain into being happier. So why not give it a shot?

If you’re like many who are embarrassed by their teeth, this could be easier said than done, but know that you don’t have to go into 2019 ill-equipped. Whether you have stained or crooked teeth, there are several treatments out there capable of giving you the smile you dream of.

A young athetic couple lifting weights while smiling

Are Your Teeth Stained?

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures, and there’s no wonder why. After one in-office visit, you could leave with a smile 8 to 10 shades whiter. When combined with a take-home treatment, the results can be even more dramatic.

How does teeth whitening work? It’s pretty simple. Our teeth naturally accrue stains over time when they come in contact with staining agents found in coffee, cigarettes, or red wine, which sticks to the natural ridges of our enamel. Professional whitening solutions contain powerful agents which draw these stains out of the pores of our teeth. If you’d like your teeth to be whiter but also have chips or gaps, dental veneers might be a better option.

The Magic of Dental Veneers

Unlike teeth whitening, dental veneers don’t depend on natural tooth enamel for their effect. Wafer-thin shells of porcelain or ceramic that are attached to the visible surfaces of teeth, dental veneers can correct several smile complaints all at once. If your goal is to fix intrinsic staining, stains caused by certain medications or age, as well as to reshape teeth that are too short, dental veneers are the perfect solution. They can also repair chips, fix gaps, and leave you with a smile that’s stunning. Compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental veneers are a long-term investment. With proper care and oral hygiene, dental veneers can last up to twenty years.

Want to Design Your Own Smile?

With the advent of the internet, we all expect the ability to design products exactly how we want them, so why can’t you do that with your smile? As it turns out, you can. Smile design acknowledges that every smile is unique, giving you the opportunity to discuss your specific goals and needs with your dentist, in order to design a smile you’re proud of. Building off your dentist’s extensive education, you can even go beyond your smile, using other tools such as BOTOX ® Cosmetic or Juvéderm to help you achieve the look you desire.

2019 could be your year, and maybe the only thing missing is the smile. To start your customized smile design process, please call (907) 274-7691 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Denali Dental Care.