The secret’s out on how celebrities like Zac Efron or Cardi B went from not so perfect smiles to white, shiny, perfectly straight teeth. No, celebrities don’t have better genes — and personal chefs have nothing to do with it. The secret to their smile success isn’t tooth whitening or braces but a procedure called dental veneers. If you haven’t heard of dental veneers (or even if you have), here’s our no-nonsense guide what dental veneers are, how they work, and why they’re the perfect solution achieving the perfect smile.

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What Are Dental Veneers?

In the simplest terms, a dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or ceramic that is permanently bonded to the visible surfaces of your tooth. The power of dental veneers is that, unlike tooth whitening and many other cosmetic dental procedures, the results of the procedure do not rely on natural tooth enamel. Whether you’re hoping to close gaps, hide chips, correct the size of your teeth or any visible stains, dental veneers can do this all at once. Depending on the severity or number of issues you’re hoping to correct, you can get one, two, or a full set of veneers.

What’s the Process Like?

The procedure begins like most procedures, first with a consultation and then an appointment. Your cosmetic will talk to you about your goals. If veneers can achieve those goals, you’ll make an appointment to start the process. First, your dentist will prepare your teeth and fit you with temporary veneers, created using an impression of your natural teeth.You might have heard that dental veneers require removing some of your tooth enamel. This is true, but because of local anesthetic, this process will be virtually painless.

Although the temporary veneers are a little bulky, they will give you the opportunity to inspect how your new veneers will look, making any changes to the size, color, or shape, before the permanent set has been made. During your next visit, your permanent veneers will be bonded to your teeth and adjusted as needed.

Why Veneers Are the Perfect Solution

Dental veneers, also called porcelain veneers, can help to correct multiple issues at once, giving you a nearly perfect smile. There’s no wonder it’s the preferred procedure of Hollywood stars. Not only that, but porcelain veneers can last upwards of 20 years. Like most dental procedures, however, they do require care in the form of a set oral hygiene routine: brushing twice a day, and flossing once. Teeth grinding or bruxism can wear down veneers faster, but they can be protected by wearing a nightly mouth guard.

If you’re interested in dental veneers, the best place to start is scheduling a consultation with your local dentist. There you can discuss your smile goals, oral health, and any other questions you might have.

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