This year, the stock of Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign, nearly tripled in value, making it the top performer on the S&P 500. There are complex reasons for that dramatic performance, but what really matters is how Invisalign might be able to help your smile.

Invisalign Is a Top Stock of 2017, But Is It a Good Investment for Your Smile?

Why the Stock Value Is Growing

Align Technology’s stock is riding a wave made up of many different factors to achieve its new values. One of these is the opening of China’s market. As China’s economy continues to evolve, its people are more interested in a middle-class lifestyle, which includes having a straight, healthy smile.

But few adults want to get wired braces if they can help it. So there’s no surprise that Invisalign would become popular there, especially after a concentrated effort to advertise there. As a result of recent orders, China became Invisalign’s second largest market, after the US.

International and domestic orders showed the increasing appeal of the technology. Orders in the third quarter of 2017 were up 46% over the same quarter in 2016. That’s huge growth for any company, and it coincided with two major milestones for the company. It announced in November that over a million teens had used its treatment, out of a new record of five million total treatments.

Increasing Popularity Is Not an Accident

In some cases, it’s hard to know why people like what they like, but with Invisalign, the advantages are clear. And they go beyond the basic benefit of being able to straighten teeth without wires or brackets.

Recently, research by Align Technology has improved the Invisalign approach. Introduced over 20 years ago, Invisalign has now become a mature technology, and that makes it much better for patients.

Recent innovations in the materials and planning of Invisalign mean that the treatment time can be cut almost in half. That means that treatment time often rivals Six Month Smiles in terms of the length of treatment, although the shorter treatment time isn’t always right for people with Invisalign.

In addition, results with Invisalign are more reliable than they were even ten years ago. There’s less risk that additional corrections might be needed. The results are as predictable as those for braces made with wires.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Despite the improvements, Invisalign is still not appropriate for every case, nor for every person. If you are considering orthodontics in Anchorage, you’ll need to carefully consider your options before deciding on the best treatment.

One important question is how reliably you will wear the aligners. The clear aligners are removable, but they should only be removed for eating and oral hygiene on a regular basis. Other removals should be few and far between. Failure to wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours a day will delay your results and may impact their quality. So if you’re not a responsible person who will voluntarily wear your aligners for that long, you might be better off with fixed braces.

Invisalign may also not be right for the specific tooth movements you need. This is something we will look at during your evaluation.

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