While here at Denali Dental Care, we strive to provide a comfortable, warm and welcoming atmosphere for each of our patients, we understand that the dentist’s office is a common source of anxiety.

Whether you’re putting off a visit because you associate dental appointments with pain, you haven’t been taking great care of your teeth or you’re simply concerned about the costs associated with dentistry, the longer you put off the dentist, the more your oral health can decline. The more your oral health declines, the more your overall health can decline. And, of course, if your oral health declines to the point that you’ve noticed discoloration or you’ve begun the process of losing teeth, your oral health will certainly begin to impact your mental health, too.

However, Denali Dental Care strives for comfort, and each of our patients become like family. No matter the reason you’ve been avoiding a visit to the dentist, when you’re ready to start your regular check-ups again, we’ll be here to get you set back on a healthy dental plan, and help you to smile wide once again. That said, what should you do to get ready for your first dental visit back after a long time away?

A man awaiting his dental cleaning. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, the most important thing is just showing up.

Assess Your Oral Health

Take stock of what’s happening inside your mouth; are you visiting us because you’ve been experiencing pain in your mouth or jaw? Is it because you’re concerned about a wiggly tooth? Have your teeth shifted? Think about what your current at-home oral health plan looks like; do you brush twice daily and floss once daily? On the other hand, if you’re coming to us for the first time after some time away from the dentist just due to factors like concerns for money or lack of time, let us know that, too. Together, we can discuss payment options and scheduling conflicts to ensure you stay on top of your biannual check-ups.

Prepare Your Documentation

Like any visit to the doctor, we’ll need to update and check your insurance information for billing purposes. If you’re a new patient, this is doubly important; there are some forms you’ll need to fill out, so come with proper documentation. We make this easy. Just go to our page with new patient forms. You’ll find everything you need there. If you are having trouble filling them out or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through it.

Clean and Prepare Your Teeth

Do us a favor by brushing and flossing before your appointment. It’ll help us better assess your oral health and give you a deeper clean. Plus, having a squeaky clean mouth is always a confidence booster before your check-up!

Breathe and Relax

If you’re someone who’s been avoiding the dentist because of dental anxiety, do your best to relax and breathe before your appointment. Consider showing up early so you can take a moment to yourself in the waiting room or bathroom. If you have extreme dental anxiety, let us know; we can take precautions such as sedation dentistry to mitigate your stress during the visit.

Come As You Are

Let’s face it: if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, the most important thing is just showing up. You might be worried about the state of your oral health, you might have extreme dental anxiety and you might be concerned about outside factors. But our goal is to get you feeling good again, and if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, the rest of your body and mind won’t be, either. No matter what state you arrive to us in, we’ll just be glad you’re with us again.

If you have dental anxiety or you’re concerned about your oral health and haven’t visited the dentist in a while, we can help ease your anxieties and get you on a path toward excellent oral health. Let us know your concerns; we’ll make your visit comfortable for you. To schedule an appointment with Denali Dental Care in Anchorage today, please call (907) 274-7691 or send us an email.