Cosmetic contouring like lip fillers can be a big decision, one that you’re likely to research carefully before making the leap. There’s a lot of material to be read about types of fillers, procedures, and their effects, but there’s one thing when it comes to this procedure that shouldn’t go amiss. That is, the lips aren’t an isolated feature of the face. For example, in 2017, lip jobs saw a spike in popularity, and with them, chin fillers too—supposedly to balance out the proportions of a fuller mouth. In other words, lip fillers can affect the physical appearance of your entire visage, including your smile. While this may seem to be an obvious fact, many patients schedule such procedures out of order, after cosmetic dentistry, as opposed to before.

Can Fuller Lips Be a Problem for Your Smile?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Lip filler, especially excess filler, can cause undesirable even uncomfortable consequences for a smile. That’s because what happens is fairly simple: a lip job can increase the size of one’s lips too much, so that they may block the visibility of one’s teeth. One’s teeth can actually disappear behind lips that have been filled with too much zeal, which is a shame if you’ve invested in cosmetic dentistry like whitening or braces. This can be a problem with the cosmetic dentistry, which was proportioned to your current lips, not taking their augmentation into account.

So, how do you make sure that your teeth and lips create a harmonious, balanced appearance?

A Lush, Harmonious Smile

When you see a smile, it’s a single, whole impression. The lips, the teeth, everything works together to create the appearance that may be bright, youthful, and voluptuous, or one that is thin, worn, and dim. If your smile is a single whole, it makes sense that you should have it worked on by a single cosmetic professional.

Dr. Russell Morell is a skilled cosmetic dentist who is also an expert on lip augmentation with Juvéderm. He likes Juvéderm because of its smooth texture and the way that he can massage it to give the perfect shape and contour to the lips.

When Dr. Morell plans your cosmetic dentistry, he can proportion it to account for your lip augmentation, and that way you can enjoy both a beautiful smile and luscious lips–without having one interfere with the other.

Your New Smile Starts Now

Have you long been wishing for a beautiful smile as well as the curvaceous, kissable lips to go with it? Don’t just dream about it, you can start to get it now. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Morell. Together, you and Dr. Morell can plan a smile design, one that checks all the boxes of your desired look and style, from your teeth to complete facial rejuvenation. A beautiful smile, after all, isn’t just about full lips—it’s about the entire aesthetic vision.

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