Do you have a tooth that’s been badly decayed? Is it seriously chipped or cracked? Are you afraid that the tooth might be lost? Don’t give up on that tooth yet. In many cases, badly damaged teeth can be saved with dental crowns. A dental crown is a restoration that completely covers the entire visible surface of the tooth, strengthening and protecting it.

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What Dental Crowns Can Do

Dental crowns are very versatile restorations that get called on to help in many situations where teeth need support. This can include:

  • Badly decayed teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Small or worn teeth
  • Unattractive teeth
  • Missing teeth replaced with bridges or dental implants

When teeth are slightly decayed, a filling can be used to replace the lost part of the tooth. When it becomes badly damaged, it may need additional protection and support to keep from cracking. In these cases, root canal therapy might also be recommended.

When teeth are cracked so that they aren’t stable, a dental crown can provide them support so that they can continue to function properly.

When teeth are naturally small or have been worn down because of a bad bite, you might want to build them back up. In some cases, porcelain veneers can be used for this, but in other cases, only a dental crown is strong enough to provide the proper support.

Because a dental crown completely covers the exterior of a tooth, it can make unattractive teeth beautiful again. The tooth may be discolored, damaged, or crooked before the crown is placed. But after it will be beautiful, white, whole, and straight.

If you have lost one or more teeth, a crown can help replace them with dental bridges or implants. A dental crown attaches to a bridge to provide the support needed for the replacement tooth. A crown can also fit over a dental implant to provide the visible portion of the restoration.

What Are Crowns Made of

Dental crowns have to be strong enough to withstand the constant force of biting and chewing. That’s why crowns were made of metal in the past. Then many crowns were made with porcelain fused to metal (PFM) to try to provide an attractive surface with a strong interior. Modern dental crowns are usually made entirely of advanced ceramics, which can be stronger than metals and as attractive as natural enamel.

The Dental Crowns Process

Dental crowns are usually placed over your natural tooth. In order to accommodate the crown, this means that the tooth has to be prepared by having some natural tooth material removed. When a tooth has been damaged or decayed, much of the tooth has to be removed because of the damage, anyway, so placing the crown doesn’t require removal of much healthy tooth material.

Once the tooth is prepared, an impression is made, and this impression is sent to a lab, where the dental crown is made. While the crown is being made, you will wear a temporary crown.

When the permanent crown is ready, you will return to the office and have it fitted. Once we confirm the fit and appearance of the crown, we will cement it in place.

Do you think you might need a dental crown in Anchorage? Please call (907) 274-7691 today for an appointment with a reconstructive dentist at Denali Dental Care.