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The No Nonsense Guide to Dental Veneers

The secret's out on how celebrities like Zac Efron or Cardi B went from not so perfect smiles to white, shiny, perfectly straight teeth. No, celebrities don’t have better genes — and personal chefs have nothing to do with it. The secret to their smile success isn’t tooth whitening or braces but a procedure called […]

2019 Could Have You Smiling Bigger And Brighter

With the ending of 2018, we all get another opportunity to correct last year’s mistakes and begin taking the steps to creating a life you’re proud of. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you’ve spent too much time on social media or too much money on convenience — Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub — and it’s time […]

When You Damage a Tooth, Do You Need to Repair Other Teeth, Too?

If you damage a tooth in an accident, you might be unhappy with what that does to your smile. But you might not know whether you can repair just that one tooth, or if it’s like cleaning one spot on a dirty wall–you have to do the entire thing or it won’t look right.

Restorative […]

Unhappy with a Gap in Your Smile? 5 Ways to Cope

Many of us have a gap in our smile. Technically known as a diastema, this can make you very self-conscious about your appearance. But if you’re finding that you are having a hard time living with your smile gap, here are five things that can make you happy about your smile again.

5 Ways <a href=[…]

Yes, Veneers Can Fit in Your Budget

Dental veneers are possibly the best procedure in cosmetic dentistry. They look beautiful and natural, indistinguishable from natural teeth. They can do many things at once: straighten teeth, brighten teeth, lengthen teeth, and close gaps between teeth. Plus, they’re highly durable, lasting ten, even twenty […]

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