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A Road Map to Your Overall Health

At your last checkup, your doctor gave you a clean bill of health, but would you consider yourself healthy? Maybe you do your best to exercise during the week, you’ve been cutting back the alcohol, sugar, and whatever else is unhealthy these days, but who knows. A quick symptom search on Google could probably bring […]

Men Need to Know That They Can Get Migraines, Too

Migraine is a condition that primarily affects women. About three times as many women as men get migraines. However, that means that one in four migraine sufferers is men. However, men (and their doctors) may not consider that they have migraines because of the gender disparity.

Here are some signs […]

Poor Sleep? You Might be able to Blame TMJ

It’s Monday morning, your alarm goes off, and you feel as if you haven’t gotten any sleep. You have to get up and go to work but you’re exhausted, and this isn’t the only time this month. Lately, you’ve been getting poor sleep and you’re not sure why. Lack of sleep is debilitating on the […]

Before You Use Them, Know the Risks of Natural Supplements for Pain

With all the news of the risks associated with drug treatment for chronic pain such as headaches, many people are looking to reduce their use of pain drugs. Some think that turning to natural supplements is a safe and smart way to do this. Anything “natural” can’t be harmful, right?

Wrong! […]

How BOTOX ® Treats Migraines and Other Headaches

BOTOX ® is a remarkable example of a treatment that can be applied to many different conditions. Because of its ability to effectively relax tense muscles, the applications for the injection are numerous. It can effectively reduce many facial wrinkles, control sweating, and even reduce the frequency of migraines and other headaches. At Denali Dental […]

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