Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals Done Less Often, but Don’t Count Them Out

An infected tooth is no picnic. Your tooth nerve is trapped inside the tooth with bacteria, which multiply the point of creating terrible pressure on the nerve. Their toxic excretions can kill the nerve. And in the process, you might experience pain, foul taste in your mouth, a foul smell, even fever. And, if left [...]

How Different Will My Tooth Be after a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment offers many benefits, including the ability to save your tooth. But it also involves changing the tooth in a fundamental way. So, how different will your tooth be after your root canal treatment? Beneficial Changes A root canal treatment removes the living part of the tooth, called the pulp, [...]

5 Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

It’s rather unfair that root canal therapy is commonly held up as one of the worst things to endure. The truth is that the procedure itself isn’t very bad, and it actually has many benefits. Obviously, it’s nothing you’re going to choose as an elective procedure, but if you have an infected [...]

Does My Toothache Mean I Have to Pack It in?

If you spend any amount of time outside—hunting, hiking, camping—you likely prepare for unfortunate situations that can arise in the wilderness. Maybe you pack a small medical kit before you leave town, stocked with some antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment, moleskin and water purification tablets. You feel prepared to handle most common outdoor ailments and [...]