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The Secrets of Neanderthal Teeth

Our teeth have a history to them, a story they can tell. When a dentist looks into our mouth, the natural ridges of our teeth, worn in some places, show which side of our mouth we favor when chewing, and can even say something about our diet and natural habits. According to biological anthropologist, Tanya […]

What You Need to Know About Itchy Gums

If your palms itch, you’re in need of a tip. If your fingers itch, you’re longing or impatient to do something. But what does it mean if your gums itch? Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that a good financial fortune is in your future. Much like an itch you can’t scratch, itchy gums can be irritating, […]

How Does Snacking Affect Our Teeth?

We often feel our teeth are solid as a rock, able to withstand almost anything. In fact, teeth can be much stronger than rocks (especially if you’re a parrotfish). However, like rocks, our teeth face tough adversaries that work hard at wearing them down slowly: time and elements. Some of these are the very […]

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