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You’re Brushing Probably Your Teeth Wrong

You’d think that doing something twice a day, every day, for our entire lives would make most of us experts at that thing. Of course, at the goal of achieving 10,000 hours, it would take over 400 years to achieve mastery of toothbrushing at four minutes a day.  In fact, most people aren’t doing as […]

Revisiting the Tooth Fairy

For many Americans, losing your baby teeth was a treat. Not only did relinquishing that molar or incisor signify the passage of time, another goal post for entering into your pre-teen years, but it also meant a tiny treat placed under your pillow in the morning. After leaving your tooth under your pillow, you’d get […]

Can Tooth Brushing Routine Benefit More Than Your Teeth?

For many people, brushing your teeth at the beginning and end of the day is nothing more than a mindless but necessary oral health routine. According to a article published on Psychology Today, however, this twice-a-day activity might benefit more than your oral health. It can also have a positive impact on your mental health, […]

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