Unhappy with a Gap in Your Smile? 5 Ways to Cope

Many of us have a gap in our smile. Technically known as a diastema, this can make you very self-conscious about your appearance. But if you’re finding that you are having a hard time living with your smile gap, here are five things that can make you happy about your smile again.

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5 Benefits of Straighter Teeth

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, you might be wanting to understand just how straighter teeth can benefit you. Here are five of the most important benefits of straightening your teeth with orthodontics like Invisalign.

5 Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Better First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a […]

Invisalign Is a Top Stock of 2017, But Is It a Good Investment for Your Smile?

This year, the stock of Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign, nearly tripled in value, making it the top performer on the S&P 500. There are complex reasons for that dramatic performance, but what really matters is how might be able to help your smile.

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