Revisiting the Tooth Fairy

For many Americans, losing your baby teeth was a treat. Not only did relinquishing that molar or incisor signify the passage of time, another goal post for entering into your pre-teen years, but it also meant a tiny treat placed under your pillow in the morning. After leaving your tooth under your pillow, you’d get [...]

The Secrets of Neanderthal Teeth

Our teeth have a history to them, a story they can tell. When a dentist looks into our mouth, the natural ridges of our teeth, worn in some places, show which side of our mouth we favor when chewing, and can even say something about our diet and natural habits. According to biological anthropologist, Tanya [...]

Study of Hitler’s Teeth Solves More Than One Mystery

For decades, myths and conspiracy theories about the nature and circumstances of Hitler’s death circulated the globe. In 2009, on The History Channel, an archaeologist and bone specialist claimed to have examined a portion of the dictator’s skull and found it to belong to a woman under 40 years of age, and not to Hitler. [...]