Gum Disease

A Road Map to Your Overall Health

At your last checkup, your doctor gave you a clean bill of health, but would you consider yourself healthy? Maybe you do your best to exercise during the week, you’ve been cutting back the alcohol, sugar, and whatever else is unhealthy these days, but who knows. A quick symptom search on Google could probably bring […]

Study of Hitler’s Teeth Solves More Than One Mystery

For decades, myths and conspiracy theories about the nature and circumstances of Hitler’s death circulated the globe. In 2009, on The History Channel, an archaeologist and bone specialist claimed to have examined a portion of the dictator’s skull and found it to belong to a woman under 40 years of age, and not to Hitler. […]

What You Need to Know About Itchy Gums

If your palms itch, you’re in need of a tip. If your fingers itch, you’re longing or impatient to do something. But what does it mean if your gums itch? Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that a good financial fortune is in your future. Much like an itch you can’t scratch, itchy gums can be irritating, […]