It’s rather unfair that root canal therapy is commonly held up as one of the worst things to endure. The truth is that the procedure itself isn’t very bad, and it actually has many benefits. Obviously, it’s nothing you’re going to choose as an elective procedure, but if you have an infected tooth, there are many reasons why you should choose to have root canal therapy.

5 Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Reduce Pain

This is the biggest shock to most people: root canal therapy isn’t a really painful procedure. In fact, it’s more notable as a pain relief than for the discomfort it causes.

If you have an infected tooth, it’s likely causing you daily pain. That’s because the tooth nerve inside the infected tooth is under pressure and may be affected by the acid and other byproducts of infection.

But during your root canal therapy, the nerve is removed so it won’t cause pain anymore. At the same time, the space where the root and infection were is filled with an inert material that can’t experience any pain. So you won’t feel more pain from inside that tooth.

And during the procedure when your tooth is removed, you’ll have local anesthesia so you won’t experience any significant discomfort. The effects of the root canal will fade within a few days, and then the pain related to your infected tooth will be a thing of the past.

Stop Infection

Although infection may be in your tooth now, that doesn’t mean it will stay there. The interior of your tooth can be a sheltered place where bacteria can thrive. This makes it easy for infections to spread from your tooth into other areas. The infection can spread into your bone, and then into other teeth, causing pain there, too. It can also spread into your sinuses and then to the brain. Or it can spread to your heart or lungs, with serious, even deadly consequences.

But root canal therapy can eliminate the infection to protect your health and even your life from bacteria.

Preserve Your Tooth

When your tooth is infected, there are essentially two options to stop the infection: root canal therapy and extraction. Obviously, extraction leaves you with a gap in your smile that will need to be addressed somehow, such as with a dental implant or a partial denture.

But root canal therapy allows you to preserve the structure of your natural tooth. With just a filling or a dental crown, your tooth is restored to full function again.

Restore Your Smile

One of the visible effects of an infected tooth is often that it becomes badly discolored. This discoloration comes from the bacteria growing inside the tooth and its impact on the tooth’s healthy pulp. This discoloration is highly visible, as it often turns very dark, a deep brown or black. This discoloration won’t respond to teeth whitening.

But with root canal therapy, we’ll ensure that your smile looks as beautiful as ever. If your infected tooth has become discolored, we’ll cover it with a dental crown that provides your tooth with a new, beautiful exterior.

Reserve the Option for Dental Implants

Another alternative if you have an infected tooth is to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. But if you do this, you won’t later have the option of getting your natural tooth back.

But if you decide today to get root canal therapy, you can decide later to get a dental implant, which you might do ten or fifteen years in the future, perhaps when you’re having other teeth extracted to get an implant denture. That’s your option, preserved for you by getting a root canal therapy.

Is Root Canal Therapy Right for You?

Do you have an infected tooth? Do you suspect you might? If so, then let us show you the benefits of root canal therapy first hand. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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